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RCB Bank is an international bank based in Cyprus.


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Former Employee - Vice-President says

"No plan, no advancement, no vision and NO TOLERANCE of dissenting views or differences of opinion, personality, background, gender, race or orientation."

Former Employee - Assistant Vice President says

"Poor management, poor training, poor orientation, poor middle managers, poor communication, unrealistic expectations, ridiculous employee policies, poor bonus schedules, company growing too fast"

Former Employee - Accounts Payable Clerk says

"The pay is not commensurate with the responsibility of the job."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Lack of advancement opportunities, constant rule changes, bad management."

Former Employee - Credit Compliance says

"No match for 401k. They do offer a ESOP, but only after you’ve been employed with them for one year"

Former Employee - Lead Teller says

"The pay is a little on the low side."

Teller (Former Employee) says

"The manager showed such obvious favoritism it wasn't even funny. Once someone wasn't liked by the management they would do everything in their power to get that person fired even if they did not deserve to be fired. Watched it happen to a few people in the short time I was there. Was short staffed the entire time I was there and was never thanked for stepping up to the plate. The work environment was like a highschool lunch table. Nothing but drama and gossip and pettiness. Worst place I've ever worked and I've worked at some terrible places.nothing.all that drama and literally everything else."

TELLER (Former Employee) says

"I worked here about almost two years, and I loved my job. I was excited about the opportunity to move up and advance in my career. The branch fell under new management and things fell apart from there. Working open to close almost every day while the manager comes in late, takes two lunch breaks, constantly on the cell phone, the list goes on. One-two people working the teller line at a time. (Not effectively) It was a nightmare for the last few months I was there. If you are lucky enough to have a good management team, its an okay place to workbenefits & incentivesPoor upper management/HR"

Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"The main supervisor over all of the tellers is the worst boss I have ever had. She shows favoritism and if you are not on her list of the people she likes, then you are treated horribly. I was told to do duties that weren’t in my job description, and was not ever thanked for going above what I was supposed to. In fact I got in trouble if I did it wrong, but was never shown or trained how to do it the correct way. We were always short staffed because it’s a revolving door due to this poor management. Until the main problem is fixed it will continue to be a revolving door. From talking with employees at other locations RCB Bank seems like a great place to work, unless you’re in Stillwater, OK.I got paid, My coworkers were great and I am still friends with a few of them that have also left RCB BankManagement"

Travel Club Director (Former Employee) says

"Company focus on profitablity rather than customer relationships and personal service, which was key to my job.pay rateimpersonal"

VP / Commercial Lending (Former Employee) says

"Micro-managing organization. More focused on processes and procedures than progress and profits. Credit, collections and compliance fight each other and send inaccurate information to lenders and then write them up for following the instructions provided. Can't make a CD loan that exceeds 24 months. Can't make a cattle loan that doesn't mature each year, costing the customer excessive renewal fees and inconvenience. Customer opinions do not matter. Management makes all decisions for you. Top management and Ownership used offensive language routinely.Salary wasn't badlocal management was awful in Pryor, OK and allowed to continue."

Call Center Rep (Current Employee) says

"RCB Bank is very lacking in any form of management. It's sad that I often feel I'm at a daycare, rather than my place of employment. My department handles a large variety of customer and branch issues, yet we're often not given the tools or knowledge to solve them. Don't expect to easily get time off of work if you have a family or children. Schedules are strict and management rarely approves of time off, even emergency situations. There is also a point system in place."

Adjustment Research Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Management in certain departments could be improved. Working in a stress induced environment is not healthy in any aspect, but when you try to go to upper management in regards to the issues, nothing ever gets resolved. Employees voices are not heard. They are not understandable of family situations and schedules and are not willing to work with the person. Instead of delegating work, it is piled up on one person and then no compensation is given in return.Nice ESOP plan"

Teller (Current Employee) says

"RCB is an OK place to work. There are great people there, however, at the same time dealing with management can be very difficult. I would say that the work environment depends on the branch in which you work."


"Was a loan processor and office manager at the height of the refi season. Hours were long and stressful. I learned that no matter how badly a mortgage was handled, you could usually get it to close. The toughest part of the job was to get the loan to close on time with the figures correct. The most enjoyable part of the job was when the loan closed without a hitch.NoneWorking late, late hours."

Teller (Current Employee) says

"Overall it is a good place to start out in banking. It is slow paced with friendly people and you are allowed to do school work while there. But management/supervisor is not the best and lacks communication. You can sense that some people are more favored. Not a lot of movement within the company."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Russian management system, no democracy, disrespectful attitude towards employees but quite good money and additional benefits. Everything's based on favoritism, no promotion or salary raise for the common mortals"

Customer Service Representative/Tell Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The constant changing demands created a stressful situation. Management would decline transactions and then leave the bank when the customer wanted them to explain.benefitsmanagement"

Loan Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Processed loans for the officers and other administration duties.BenefitsI moved away"

Banker (Former Employee) says

"The benefits and compensation are average. However, the work/life balance, management, and culture are great. I didn't interact with management enough to comment either way."

Operations Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Worked for the company for almost 6 years was good place to work minus the pay increases when moving up in the company"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"Mon-Fri 8:45-6:00. Lunch 12:00-1:00. I enjoyed everyone I worked with. Supervisors were very friendly. I gained knowledge of all the teller duties. I really enjoyed having a set schedule.office parties for birthdays etc.not the best health insurance plan."

Lead Retail Associate (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed working at RCB Bank, had a lot of fun with the team of employees really, and great benefits with this job. Great team work with other employees, just had trouble with management at the branch."

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